Wednesday, January 13, 2016


So things have been slow at the pub here for a bit because several changes have occurred since our last post. I will summarize them here quickly!

1.  Gary Vecchiarelli, one of the founders of the Prehistoric Pub, has decided to step down from blogging, at least temporarily. That leaves just me (Rob) onboard as the sole blogger for the Prehistoric Pub. Consequently, posts may come slower than in the past. Be assured, however, that the Pub is not and will not be abandoned. Upcoming topics will be the theropod tooth paper review that was promised to you (and I'm sure you are all anxiously awaiting), as well as coverage of the Utah Friends of Paleontology annual meeting, coming up at the start of April in Moab - more details as that gets closer.

2. At the same time as Gary was departing the Pub, I as undergoing major life changes. I changed jobs and changed states and am now working at museum in Colorado. I love the area and job but the move has left little time for blogging. Now that I am settling in, expect blog posts to resume. I am shooting for two a month (not including this introductory one!) for 2016. One will probably be technical in nature while the other may be a reflection on general trends or topics in paleontology. And since this is the Prehistoric Pub, I will probably throw in a beer post or two throughout the year.

Cheers, and happy 2016 everyone!

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