Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dr. Thomas Holtz is my George Clooney.

When people ask me what I would do if I met this or that celebrity, I always say the same.  "I don't get starstruck." I really don't.  Being a bartender for so many years in popular spots, I have met my fair share of celebrities.  However, believe it or not, I get more giddy meeting amazing people in the field of science.  These celebrities are rockstars in my book.  Not only are they cool, but they inspire future generations with awesomeness.  Dr. Thomas Holtz is my George Clooney.  Why George Clooney Gary?  Well, just like George Clooney screams Hollywood, Dr. Holtz screams science and paleontology. The world needs more celebrities in the field of education.  Dr. Holtz is one of those celebrities.

Hats off to you Dr. Holtz and Happy Birthday.  Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.  I haven't posted in a great while, so I thought what better way to clean off the rust than to honor a great paleontologist.  I took the summer off to work hard, venture off on two field classes, and try to relax before going into another year of classes.  Special thank you to Lisa Buckley and Robert Gay for contributing to this site.  You are good friends and this site is yours also.  The pub is about sharing science and promoting good friends, so anything I can do, I do my best to help others.

P.S.  My son is a big fan of Dr. Holtz and not long ago made a character of him in Lego's video game Jurassic World along with others.  Click here to see!  Thought I'd share it again if you haven't seen it.  It is truly an epic creation.

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