Friday, June 26, 2015

Hold on to your margaritas!

Jurassic World!  My family loved it!  So many great moments, but one of the most memorable scenes for me was also the most brief.  It involved a gentleman evading a pterosaur attack while carefully moving his margaritas.  Two margaritas to be exact.  Epic!  As a mixologist, I fully appreciate this move.  Not to mention how much those drinks must of cost!  Earlier in the movie, a gentleman made a comment about $7 dollar sodas, so I'm sure these puppies must of fetched about 15 bucks a piece!  You bet your ass I'd take my margaritas with me!   I don't have a clip, but a brilliant artist made an animated gif about it!  If you click the picture, it will take you to the source.  
The gentleman who played the "Margarita Man" was actually Jimmy Buffett!  Brilliant!  Margaritaville is actually selling Margaritaville Isla Nublar T-Shirts!  I need to pick one up ASAP.
In honor of Jurassic Park, the movie, & Jimmy Buffett, I give you a Jurassic Margarita made by yours truly!  All the ingredients shown here made with fresh lime juice, dash of simple syrup, salted rim, & dash of cherry juice for effect.  Enjoy!

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